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#OOTD 4/29/20 What’s Holding You Back?

What holds you back in life? I’ve struggled with self-doubt all my life.  One minute I think I am a true bad ass and then the next minute I feel like a failure. I’ve learned over the years to quiet the negative voices in my head and learned to program myself into thinking positive thoughts through meditation and exercise. I still struggle from time to time but I am becoming more aware of when these episodes occur. So, what is stopping you from living the life you have always imagined? Is it you?  Is it your self doubt? Is it all of your excuses? Learn to quiet all negative voices in your head that continue to tell you “no”. Screw those voices or screw your dreams. Which one will it be? Go out there and get what it is that you want – you deserve it.

Outfit: Pink Ribbed Dress Size XXS Petite @aberrcrombie ; Necklace by @americaneagle #AExME ; Pink Shoes by @Vincecamuto #vincecamuto ; Bag by #Gucci #GucciCommunity

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