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#OOTD 4/25/20 DO YOU

Being Quarantined I see plenty of people working out and posting fitness videos – More Power to You!  However, if you’re not in the mood and if that’s not your thing, so be it.  Do not feel pressured to do anything that isn’t you or do something because other people are doing it. Do what inspires you, do what brings you joy. No matter what life throws at you, you choose your own happiness. Much love 

Outfit: @Forever21 #F21xMe  Low Impact Abstract Sports Bra XS; @Forever21 Biker Shorts XS; @americaneagle #AExMe #AerieREAL Aerie Bobby Pin 4-Pack 

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9 thoughts on “#OOTD 4/25/20 DO YOU”

      1. You are too kind, but I need to stay on my feet more now that I have seen your pic, I used to train with weights but slacked off this past year working a lot.

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      2. You have a really important job and I respect you on so many levels. You are an inspiration. As for weights, I only use my body weight. No equipment needed at all. If you YouTube HIIT workouts you can see what I mean. ❤ ❤

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    1. Yes girl! I gotta go read yours now! We always tend to want to follow what others are doing but if it’s not you , why bother lol? People need to just follow their own path in life; they’ll be so much happier ❤️❤️

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