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I Got My Hair Did

No I didn’t go to the salon because well, I can’t. I did the next best thing – I did it myself. I know, what was I thinking? Have I finally lost it? I always do well under pressure and no matter what life throws at me, I just find a solution. I figured there was some useful tool for someone who has no idea what the hell they were doing.

As usual, Amazon is my friend (but recently I have been doubting this company for ethical reasons, but more on that later), I searched a tool that any fool could use. I stumbled upon an ingenious tool that uses the bubble level that is found in leveling tools for the handy person in all of us. The product is made by Creaproducts and is called “Original CreaClip Set“. The set includes two pieces, one curved and one straight. I used the curved one on myself and brushed my hair forward while having my head down. Using the leveling tool, I cut along the clip using hair scissors. This created layers in my hair.

I also used the other piece for my daughter. Her hair is straight so I used the straight piece and cut along the clip edge. Thankfully her bangs did not come out crooked like it did last time over a year ago when I attempted to cut her hair with scissors and my naked eye.

I am surprisedly happy with this product and its effectiveness in getting myself a decent “do it yourself” haircut. Unfortunately, the price of this item has risen due to the fact that everyone (mostly) is at home and need to get a trim asap. So I suggest you purchase before the price goes up even more!

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