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Magnetic Message #205

12 thoughts on “Magnetic Message #205”

  1. Thanks, MM.

    Funny story: I played competitive tennis for a large chunk of my life, and on the tennis court, I would have what a psychiatrist would call was “magnification of power”–meaning overestimating your opponent’s (or in regular life, fear’s) strength and power. So, yes, I gave my opponent too much credit. But I was actually quite successful–you know why? Cuz I focused on myself, what I could do, and never doubted my decisions or shots or what have you.

    Just wanted to share.


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    1. Thank you for sharing your story. Why did you stop competing btw? And yes focusing on yourself is the goal. We always tend to look at others but we have the abilities right in ourselves to kick ass ❤️❤️


      1. Once I went to grad school and legitimately had the option of not playing, for some reason, I took it. I just played on the recreational team, nothing competitive. I wish I had stuck with it. It’s something I rarely ever think about, but sorely miss from my life.



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