Love Letters (Poetry), Poetry

Love Letter #206

After all these years

I still see the good in you

but in my soul

I know you’ll never change

your ways.

6 thoughts on “Love Letter #206”

  1. And that is exactly why my parents have been married 50 years, you accept the person you adapt to the person in both persons that is. I do remember that my father until today makes mommy laugh in the morning(plus other things obviously he provided for her and other things that she provides for him), but having all the relationships I have had… then looking a bit at my parents…. I thought humour was one of the best parts of the ecuation.

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    1. Definitely humor is and respect for one another. If you can’t laugh at things And at each other what’s the point?! 50 years married is a long time but I am sure they are happy. ❤️❤️❤️


      1. I don´t know, I have been with a lot of girls I guess would be the right word to use,, they had fun I had fun but now is not like before.
        The only woman I have too much respect and is not a quid pro quo on her part it is my guess is my Mommy.
        Stop laughing will ya, yo sexy mommy.


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