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Two pictures, two different circumstances

These two images have infuriated people but one picture shows people who need and have to get to work because they have no choice. They are essential and they need to feed their families. They do not have the luxury or the PRIVILEGE to work from home. Research has found that the most crowded trains are from low income areas where people are working on an hourly wage and do not have the means to take “a cab”. The photo on the right are a bunch of privileged individuals who lack common sense and would rather risk their lives, their loved ones lives and our service men and women because they are bored stuck at home. If you want to become outrage, be outraged at these individuals on the right who can stay home but choose not to.

ny1 #covid19 #quarantine #outrageous #nocommonsense #stupidity #train #usnscomfort #coronavirus #nyc

7 thoughts on “Two pictures, two different circumstances”

  1. It IS infuriating!
    I keep hearing this “Well I have the right to be out,” argument from people like those on the right hand side. That totally misses the point! It would be one thing if such carelessness affected only them, but unfortunately, it can affect countless others.

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