Love Letters (Poetry), Poetry

Love Letter #196

I was stuck on you for months

couldn’t escape your tongue

your lips

your words

but finally

your actions

allowed me

to let go

because your words

were nothing but glue

that could be easily


6 thoughts on “Love Letter #196”

      1. It really does, but in hindsight after a few months have passed I am SO much happier and life is getting better every day. Also, on loving them – we fell in love with who they presented themselves to be, which is not who they truly are – so did we really love them? We loved their fakeness. 😉

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      2. That is real lady very real. I think people want to appear better than who they are but in the end their true colors show. So glad you’re happier more without them. At first it’s difficult but like you wrote , the more time passes the more we are able to see more clearly ❤️❤️❤️

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