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Homemade #Quarantined #Margarita

Sundays are usual brunch day for my family and me but since we can’t go anywhere to dine I decided to make a margarita at home. One drink usually costs around $12-$20 here in NYC but I was able to buy all the supplies for about $35.


1) Fresh orange juice or a small carton of orange juice: 2 tablespoons. 2) Fresh lime juice: 3 tablespoons. 3) Agave nectar: 1 teaspoon. 4) 1/4 cups of White Tequila. 5) Ice. 6) Salt to rim the glass. 7) Lime for garnish.


1) Place ingredients from 1 – 5 in a shaker and shake together. 2) rim glass with sea salt. 3) garnish with lime optional.


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