Being Magnetic

To The Toilet Paper Hoarders

My five year old has something to say about that. Click on the video below to see her response to all of this:

If you are unable to play the video, click here and jump to 1.45

13 thoughts on “To The Toilet Paper Hoarders”

      1. Holy… did you really said that? I mean the grown ass man part not the suck my dry, women……
        Got to love them, although I should say that you really donΒ΄t want me to do the last thing you said, you would be in bed for years after I ” qushi quishi” in you

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      2. Evil you… and you are a mommy so donΒ΄t forget, actrually forget and just have fun with me, girls usually do that to me and IΒ΄m not the smartest nor good looking, so what is up with you women?

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