Being Magnetic

To The Toilet Paper Hoarders

My five year old has something to say about that. Click on the video below to see her response to all of this:

If you are unable to play the video, click here and jump to 1.45

13 thoughts on “To The Toilet Paper Hoarders”

      1. Holy… did you really said that? I mean the grown ass man part not the suck my dry, women……
        Got to love them, although I should say that you really donยดt want me to do the last thing you said, you would be in bed for years after I ” qushi quishi” in you

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      2. Evil you… and you are a mommy so donยดt forget, actrually forget and just have fun with me, girls usually do that to me and Iยดm not the smartest nor good looking, so what is up with you women?

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