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Teaching From Home: Number Story Problem

School has been officially closed in NYC until April 20th and that leaves a lot of parents clueless on what to do with their children all day. My daughter and I have decided that we wanted to help her friends to continue learning from home through the use of video tutorials. Please excuse any errors and my editing skills.

The videos below are showing how you can engage with your child by using a number cube to create number story problems together. One player will roll the cube twice and the other player will write the numbers that are rolled and add them together. The first player will then create a number story. For example 5 + 2 = 7; I went to the grocery store and bought 5 cans of soup for my elderly neighbor on Monday. On Tuesday I bought 2 more cans for him. How many total number of cans did I buy all together for my neighbor? I bought 7 total cans for my neighbor.

Here you are teaching mathematical vocabulary and compassion for our neighbors during this uneasy time ❤️.

To watch the full video please click on this link

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