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The Corona Virus: Your Children Are Watching

Talking to my daughter about what is going around globally has been difficult but not as bad as I thought it would be. Since she was a little girl (she’s 5 now), I have always instilled in her that her thoughts are very powerful. How she interacts and reacts with/to others dictates her spirit and she’s well aware how her attitude can affect change.

On Thursday and Friday she saw the craziness that was happening in the Supermarkets and the pandemonium that was going on. I had to explain to her that fear causes people to panic and to act irrationally. However, that we must stay vigilant and positive through this chaotic time. With her big brown eyes she looks up at me and tells me that fear only creates more fear and that wasn’t the right thing to do.

Our children are watching us and they are seeing how we are reacting to this, but particularly how we treat others. You may not think your actions at this time are important and that you think this isn’t the really how you act on a day to day basis, but just like money – you’re true colors always shine through. Be a good role model not when it’s easy, but when it’s the most difficult thing to do. Trust and believe, that how you act now will affect how they act when disaster strikes when they are older.

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