Being Magnetic, MidNight Message

Midnight Message #139

5 thoughts on “Midnight Message #139”

      1. Young? I´m 37…. and bold…and my left hand barely functions….teeth falling…left ear bigger than the right one…. and I have a habit of constant flirting and I´m not able to have a steady relationship, it´s not in my genes I guess…horror stories? My last ex actually pulled a knife on me, first time I had to physically touch a woman in a harsh way didn’t punch her but had to quickly reduce her to the floor and kick the knife out of her crazy hand, you saw that nutty girl and she is a horror show quite literally. You seem nice, you are magnetic, plus you are a mommy and I´m great with kids for about 4 hours top we have a lot of fun after those 4 hours either my thoughts go to how can I commit suicide or how to kill the little monster, but don’t worry for those 4 hours the kids are having a lot of fun….. then I am a great lover in bed, bathtub, up in the house ceiling, on top of the washing machine while it´s washing and vibrating, tables, chairs, rugs, even on top of the dog house ( I´m sure that’s a new one you never heard) and… all this is giving me a thought to write as of right now on the post, gonna title it “sex on top of the dog house” going to write it now, check it out later if you want. If you haven’t notice when I go on this long rants I´m actually giving ideas to me to write, so it´s a win win situation, although what I said was true, except the dog house thing. 😉


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