Love Letters (Poetry), Poetry

Love Letter #160

I wasted a few months 

of my life

with you;

thank God it was 

just a few months

and not an eternity.

I walked away scarred

for life

but at least 

I didn’t burn myself


3 thoughts on “Love Letter #160”

  1. Jeeesus! For a moment I thought you where one of my ex’s, you look sort of the same, scared me to death for a sec, o.k now that I know your not very well expressed. I can imagine my ex’s saying that to themselves……and actually calling me to tell me that, what can I do? They knew how I was, I told them since the beginning, did they expect me to change?
    Anyways I turned it into me the comment, nice poem, deep.

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    1. 😂!!! I have gotten this a few times that I look like someone they know 😂. Sorry for scaring you 😆. Yes we women still go after men who are emotionally unavailable thinking we can change them. Shame on us 😝. Still laughing About me looking like your ex


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