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Being Quiet Is A Detriment

I received my daughter’s report card on Monday and I was taken aback by one grade of level 2: below standards in Science. Everything was either a Level 3 (proficient) or Level 4 (exceeding). I immediately went into action and contacted the school to speak to the teacher, because well, how could this be?

I am NOT one of those parents who blame teachers. Hell, I am the opposite but I will advocate for my child, especially when I see a grade that I am questioning. I finally got a response today through email from her first Science teacher (she has a different one now) and she indicated my daughter doesn’t participate often and is generally quiet when discussing the topics. She wants her to participate more often and to look at the teacher. Okay, I get that. She IS quiet and she’s a thinker. She takes her time thinking even if you ask her a simple question. She’s processing in her mind and everyone wants to rush her thinking. So she’s being graded on her lack of participation?

When I asked my daughter if she participates, she indicated to me that she does raise her hand but the teacher hardly calls on her. If she has an idea she keeps it to herself at times. As someone who has taught for 14 years, I have never graded someone based on their personality or their introverted ness. Because, it’s UNFAIR. I give assessments; whether verbally or written. Kids process things differently and I can’t assume a student doesn’t know something because they are quiet. I can’t assume anything these days anyway.

I haven’t responded to this teacher because I am not ready to. I don’t want to come across as condescending or a crazy parent and I am pissed to say the least.

Anyways, being quiet shouldn’t be a detriment or an indicator of lack of knowledge. We don’t all need to be on stage to showcase our superiority. We can all shine in our quietness, can’t we?

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