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Nursing A Sick Child Is Exhausting

It is now day 3 of my daughter being home sick with I don’t know what. She went to bed last night throwing up her food but woke up today asking to play Mario Cart. Now she’s giggling to Toy Story 4. I hope tomorrow I can bring her to school so I can have some “me” time, lol.

Because as any parent knows, when your child is sick you are on call 24/7. Thank goodness my child isn’t really demanding when she’s ill but I always know when she’s getting better: when she starts becoming more demanding. It’s exhausting, especially when I have to entertain her all day and then all night. I am not complaining about taking care of my child. I am complaining because I have no chance to breathe. Being a parent is tiring enough and to add sickness on top of that – damn give me a break.

Anyways here she is in our bed looking like the spoiled sick princess that she is.

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