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Quick Thought Session 45: Look Out For Yourself

I love helping people. It’s in my blood and it courses through my veins and sometimes it consumes me so much that I forget to look out for myself. I am drowning in everyone else’s problems and I am barely keeping my own head above the water. I have to remind myself that, I am just as or even more important, than other people’s well beings. And so you should too.

Always look out for your own well being first. If you do not, you may end up sucking up other people’s energy and your subconsciousness may in deed be consumed by negative thoughts and energy. Your whole aura may be affected by other people’s actions and thoughts and that will do you no good. Do yourself some good by not allowing other people’s energy to affect your own. And how do you do this? By always looking out for yourself first and foremost. Yeah it sounds selfish but don’t allow popular consensus to control your life. Fuck what other people say because at the end of the day, who are they to you? Are they living your life? Is it their job to control you and make you happy? Hell to the No. So live your life by always looking out for you, because you will be the one standing by your side until the end of time. Go out there and do you. – Peace and Love

2 thoughts on “Quick Thought Session 45: Look Out For Yourself”

  1. “I´m drowning on everyones elses problems”…. I had a friend that he was constantly helping others, literally some guy or girl will tell him their problems like they have a job interview( I remember this one very well) and that if this friend of mine could go with them so they didn’t feel so nervous. He actually didn’t go to his job and went with this guy to the job interview. (At least if it was a girl, well….nope, a guy) so after the other person did great and got the job, the next day he got chewed by his boss for not finishing the project they had to finish that day. So I meet him a week or so later and he tells me this story. I just look at him and told him, “get your shit together” ( And that is me saying it so go figure). The first person you have to look out is for you, it is not selfish is just in human nature. Plus if you look out for you, you stay in good health, you are able to maintain a decent job, you have an overall balance life then it is much better and more effective to help others. But not being a Maria Teresa here, you have to balance things. Balance is one key in life I think. Have to apply it to myself too, working on it and doing pretty good. Life is much more, fun and relaxing on much more moments not all obviously.

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