Being Magnetic, Random Thoughts

Allow The Universe To Work It’s Magic

Once you have planted an idea in your head of something that you want, the idea will begin to sprout. It will begin to take form in your mind and the universe will begin to create it. The idea will be a seed but that tiny itty bitty seed will become a flower as time passes, as long as you believe.

Feeling anxious about why something has not manifested at a certain point in your life will be detrimental to that seed and it may have trouble growing. If the seed is planted in the dark corners of your mind, the seed may never sprout. But if the seed is planted where the sunlight will shine upon it, it will blossom into something so beautiful.

Just give the seed time. Leave it alone in the sunshine and come back now and then to water it with well wishes. Then go back to your original scheduled program. Before you know it, that flower will blossom when you least expect it.

When we begin to doubt if something will ever happen, we are creating a negative reaction and thus pushing the manifestation further away from us. It delays the process even more and the waiting just extends. The waiting could end up being limitless and may never transpire because of our negative reaction to why something has not occurred yet.

So be patient. Trust in the universe that whatever you want and desire will eventually manifest . The “neediness” desire will not allow anything to happen faster but the trust that you have in the Universe will allow it to manifest when you’re ready emotionally. You have to just allow the seed to grow and nurture the thought with happiness and gratitude. Let your seed grow in the sunshine of your mind where only you can control its destiny. Trust and believe that it will happen, because it will.

You must set aside all your self doubts and your anxiousness. Cast it aside and continue to live your life spreading love and goodness. Put your faith in that the seed will manifest but then walk away from it and allow it to flourish on its own with your positive energy. Anything that is supposed to happen for you, will happen, especially when you’re happy. Be happy, live your life and allow the Universe to work its magic. – Peace and Love

Originally published on August 18, 2019

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