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Remember Your Reasons “Why”.

Your life is going smoothly, you made huge changes in it and you’re feeling so good about your life. But then something hits you like a ton of bricks, making you question your huge life choice: Did I just make a big mistake?

Have you ever experienced that moment in your life where you had to stop and question if what you did was actually the best for you? Did your heart just jump out of your chest and make you question your goals and your aspirations that you had wanted for yourself because of one incident?

That is exactly what happened to me this week. I was casually opening my old school email address to just see if my principal deleted the account but for some odd reason he had not. I scroll through the messages and I see one from a person who is in charge of a teacher award. He’s read so much about me and would like me to become a potential juror in the selection process. Something just took over me and I started to cry. I couldn’t help it. Did I just walk away from something that I have known for so long? Have I just made the biggest mistake in my life? It became so bad that my four year old was asking me why I was crying. She then started rubbing my back. I responded by telling her that I did not know what to do. Her response was, “You can do anything you want mommy”. I immediately started bawling some more.

My child is such a sweet soul and I am truly blessed by her simple words of wisdom. She’s right, I can do anything that I want. Just because I felt a certain way at that moment, didn’t mean I had made a mistake. I had to think about my reasons “why” for leaving and wanting to make a career change. I had to think about the feelings that I had when I knew that this life path wasn’t for me anymore. With a little bit of help from my daughter and friends, I realized that email was another path I could take but in a different capacity: to help others.

There may be a few bumps on the way to your life’s purpose (or whatever you want to call it). You may experience some regret and hesitation about the future but keep pushing forward. You made the choices for yourself for an important reason: to be happy. Stick with your reasons and do not allow regret to control you. The Universe is leading you on your path towards your goals and you will be tested from time to time. Allowing your emotions to take over you could become your detriment but allow those feelings to pass and think about your reasons “why”. They will help motivate you to keep moving forward. Your destiny awaits you and I am so looking forward to what it is in store for me and for you. – Peace and Love

Originally published on August 16, 2019

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