Being Magnetic, Quick Thought Sessions

Quick Thought Session 44: Be Someone Who Can Accumulate Money

“I am someone who accumulates money”. Say this mantra now. Instead of saying, “When I have money, I will….”, say, “I am someone who accumulates money. ” You are now changing your mindset and you will soon begin to attract opportunities that will match that. The level of opportunities that come to you will match you in proportion to how you see yourself. If you see yourself as someone who is “broke”, you’ll never attract money and you’ll be someone always feeling the “neediness” of money. If you change your mindset and appreciate what you have, you will create a new reality for yourself and create the life you want, just by your own thoughts (and of course actions that accompany it). Your old thought patterns of being “broke” will slowly vanish from your mind and you will create a new reality for yourself.

Do not allow your thoughts to be consumed by your present reality of not having any money. That will create more stress and anxiety for you and you will continue to live the same life everyday. Your thoughts can be so limiting and stuck and you can become so consumed with your present reality that you will just create more stress for yourself. Is that the way to live? Your habit of thought must change in regards to your present reality by changing your thoughts about money. Change your mind and learn to reprogram it so you can accumulate more money. How do we do this? Start with a piece of a paper or an index card and write these words down, “I am someone who accumulates money”. Bring this with you everywhere and think about it daily. Brainwash your mind to think more of this instead of being broke. Every time poverty consciousness enters your mind, say your daily mantra of: I am someone who accumulates money. Reject the poverty mentality and embrace your prosperity mentality. Slowly, your consciousness and subconsciousness will change into someone who ids a money magnet.- Peace and Love

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