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Let Optimism Lead You Instead Of Fear

The fear of failure is one of our greatest foes. It has literally held people back from pursuing what they would want out of life. The feeling of falling flat on your face and being an embarrassment overrides any good that would come out of it. We play the “what if” game many times in our heads. We think about what could go wrong and then we just settle back into our quiet life of the same over and over again.

Making any great leaps into the unknown is a frightening prospect for anyone who dislikes change in their life. However, does the mysterious future override our feelings of unhappiness in the present? If you answered “no”, then you’ll never receive what the Universe could be offering you.

Throw that fear of the “what ifs” into the garbage, shred it in your shredder, or dump it in your garbage disposer to never be seen again. You know what your present state will take you: the same old same old. But if you could just imagine all the great things that are out there, then trust that you would be taken care of.

Taking the great leap of quitting after 14 years in a career that I was miserable in was the most difficult decision I have ever made in my life. However, I just couldn’t see myself being discontent anymore. My tears were overflowing constantly and I was beginning to dread going into work. I knew that if I had stuck it out until I was 55, I would either be a grumpy lady or end up in the hospital with health issues. That life wasn’t what I wanted anymore and I knew I needed to just escape as fast as I could.

The Universe presented me with an opening when my amazing husband told me that if I wanted to quit, we would be okay without me working. I was taken aback and in awe of this man who saw me day in and day out being a miserable fool but wanted to help me in my journey to happiness. Immediately I began seeing the number 11 everywhere realizing later that this was my life path. Commercials starting popping up about quitting ones job and starting anew. The Universe was telling me I needed to let my fears go and take that leap of faith into the unknown.

Of course with any change, I started feeling doubtful and my fears of failing overtook my optimism. I had to quickly squash those undesirable feelings and I began to remember the feelings that I had in the beginning of wanting to quit and knowing that life could be better than this.

Remember those feelings that you had in the beginning when you knew you needed your life to change. Remember how good you felt when you made up your mind on how you wanted your life to be. Screw the feelings of failure. Screw the feelings of insecurities. Screw anything that makes you doubt yourself. If you ignore those feelings, then your hopes and dreams will come true. Don’t allow any self doubt control your destiny and your path to the ultimate form of happiness. Don’t allow your insecurities to override your destiny of life long dreams becoming a reality. You got this! Look forward with courage and what you desire will become reality! – Peace and Love

Originally published on August 13, 2019

4 thoughts on “Let Optimism Lead You Instead Of Fear”

  1. I agree.”The Universe was telling me I needed to let my fears go and take that leap of faith into the unknown.”
    I have changed life four times completely. It is scary to escape the safety of organized life. but we must sometimes. I love your positive words and thoughts.

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