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Examine The Rainbow After Every Storm

Every storm can leave devastation in its tracks with trees fallen all around and things being left disarrayed. However, what ends up happening after a storm can be a magnificent rainbow over the horizon if you are not focusing on the wreckage.

This weekend has left me feeling demolished and empty inside. A storm had been brewing in my life for weeks and it just hit its highest point on Monday. It wreaked havoc on my soul and caused me to lose focus on my mission in life: to pursue everything that I have ever desired. I allowed outside forces to deter me away from my path and then left my soul feeling empty and depleted.

I am finally moving past this event and I have come to the realization that this storm had to come to help clear my path in life. The obstacle in my life was essential for my growth in realizing my worth and my value. There is one thing that I dislike and that is disrespect for who I am as a person and when others are willing to use me for their own entertainment or pleasure, it can leave me feeling quite empty inside (and I am sure most will feel the same), especially when I have been kind in return.

Never allow your storms to define you or control you. They must happen to test your strength and your perseverance. They are crucial to your personal growth but how you weather the storm determines the outcome. You could either wallow in your pain (yes you can but not indefinitely), or pick yourself back up and say “things happen”. Respond to your storm by focusing on the rainbow and not the fallen trees.

There will be many times that you will tested in life, and these trials and tribulations are essential to your growth, but how you view it and feel towards it, is what is important. You could take every storm as a tragedy in your life or you could take it as a lesson in your vitality.

We are all emotional human beings and there are times where we allow our negative emotions to overtake how we think when something bad happens to us. And how we think affects how we feel about ourselves and the world around us. I was beginning to feel worthless because I was so much in my head, but I had to realize those feelings were controlling me and causing resistance in my manifestation.

It is really important to look at the rainbow and examine the beauty of it regardless of all the destruction that surrounds it. It is significant in controlling our emotions (in a positive way) and not allowing them to get the best of us. Examine every storm you have weathered and determine what you have learned from them. The life lessons are the rainbows that have led you to where you need to be at the current moment and the storm that you may be going through now will bring you to your ultimate pot of gold. – Peace and Love

Originally published on August 2019

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