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An Omen During My Own Personal Legend

I finally finished reading this book that I had picked up a few months ago. Very surprisingly it took me longer than usual due to the fact that I can finish a book within a few hours or a few days. Granted, they are generally murder mystery novels so I have to finish to determine if my initial thoughts on who the killer was correct or not.

It might have taken me such a long time to read it because I felt it was so profoundly spiritual and I needed time to digest all the information that I received only reading a few pages in a single seating. There were also times I had to restrain myself from crying, especially if I was in public. It was such a thought provoking book and it made me question why it took me so long to even just begin.

Sitting during professional developments before the school year even began, our school principal would inquire what was our favorite books that changed out lives. Many teachers mentioned the book and I began to wonder what the whole fuss was about. So I added the book to my Amazon cart. However, during the summer my husband cleaned out our storage unit and I had mentioned I wanted to read the book. He told me he had a copy and proceeded to look into our bookshelves. It took him only a few seconds to locate the book and hand it to me since he had just placed it there only a few weeks prior.

What can I say, but “wow”. I wish I picked up this book sooner but I honestly think I would’t be ready for it or felt it was total bullshit. But I think it came to me at the right time, like a personal omen. I needed this book to push me towards my own “personal legend” and to never give up in believing that I have it all in me.

It taught me to not be afraid and that I must go on this journey that I am on to pursue whatever it is my purpose is in this life. It taught me to not live in regret and that I will have many tests and obstacles along the way but every obstacle or setback is a lesson to be learned. We all have the ability to turn lead into gold if we truly want it in our lives and we must trust in our own sacredness.

If you haven’t guessed what this book is. It is THE book written by Paulo Coelho, “The Alchemist”. It has truly helped me change my perspective and has helped pushed me on. When I wanted to give up, I thought of this book. When I wanted to purchase it, my husband had it already. When I wanted to doubt myself, this book gave me hope.

If you have read this book, tell me your thoughts. If you haven’t, please pick up a copy. It is truly remarkable and hopefully make you want to pursue your own personal legend.

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