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Skin Review: Jojoba Oil

Finding natural skin care has been my latest thing. I realized all the chemicals I have been placing on my face has caused my skin to dry out, break out, and create more premature wrinkles than I would have liked. On my quest for natural skin care products wouldn’t do any of the aforementioned, I stumbled upon Jojoba Oil.

Since I had already have been using the Rose Water from Leven Rose, I decided that I wanted to stick to the same company and order their Jojoba oil. It had great reviews with some negative ones mixed in there but overall, I liked the company. So, why not?

Leven Rose Jojoba Oil Info:

  • $13.97 for 4 fluid ounce bottle/118 milliliters or $3.49 per fluid ounce/$00.19 per milliliters.
  • Ingredients: 100% pure virgin, organic cold pressed Jojoba Oil.
  • External Use Only. Can be applied to hair, skin and nails.

What is Jojoba Oil?

  • It is a plant that grows in North America, particularly in the desert. It produces a nut that has many healing properties.
  • The nut is made into an oil that can help with your skin care routine.
  • It is moisturizing and antibacterial.
  • It contains Vitamin E and it is an antioxidant.
  • It is noncomedogenic meaning it is similar to the oil that your own skin produces.
  • It may help with scars and sunburns and acne

Review of Leven Rose’s Jojoba Oil:

  • Clear and glides on smoothly onto the face.
  • Need very little; about 2 to 3 drops of the oil.
  • Oil absorbs into the skin quickly.
  • Leaves the skin shiny and youthful looking
  • Has helped with wounds and scarring.
  • Great use for the Summer since it is very light.


Would I buy this again? I am half way through the bottle and I have been using it for almost year. That is how long it lasts. I use it twice a day; morning and night. My skin has improved since using it and whenever I have acne scars, it has reduced them faster than other creams. Now that we are in the middle of winter, I find my skin may need something else to combat the extra dryness. I think this oil is great for the warmer months and I may go back to it for the winter, but in my experience it’s best in the summer. Overall, I really like this brand and this product. I have less breakouts than I normally would have and when I have overworked my face, it helps soothe it. If you’re thinking on purchasing this, remember to do a test patch before you use it! Happy natural skin shopping! – Peace and Love

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