Being Magnetic, Quick Thought Sessions

Quick Thought Session 42: You’re Only As Rich As You Think You Are

Our job is to teach our children to the best of our abilities but there are numerous times where they teach us so much more than we realize. My five year old is a trip and one day she exclaimed to me, “I’m rich!” I asked her why she thought she was rich. She explained that her daddy gave her a gold coin and she has money in her piggy bank and that is what makes her “rich”. Bless her little heart because I really wanted to tell her that she wasn’t actually rich. And the fool that I am, told her so. She replied by stating that I was wrong. Completely and utterly wrong.

And I am. Indeed I am wrong. I thought about her statement and soon realized that she was right. I fixed my mistake after a few mistakes and informed her she was correct and that she should always keep that mentality throughout her entire life. She WAS rich and eventually she’ll be even more. Her thought process and the way she feels about money is so positive that it is indeed infectious. Why would I want to spoil that with my negative views about dinero? Why would I want to deny this feeling of hers that she could use to transform her entire life and her entire future?

So yeah, my little one is rich and her thought process is beyond my comprehension that I look at her with envy. Her way of thinking is the way to live and it is the way to go to live a fulfilling life. She thinks and she feels that she is rich and so should you.

Why not think you’re already rich and feel good about having the money already? Why not use that energy to appreciate what you have so you can more? Let’s channel our energy into feeling good about money and appreciating what we have, instead of using the feeling of lack to get what we want. I totally feel my little one is onto something, and I am jumping on her bandwagon fo sure. – Peace and Love

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