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A Small Deed Goes A Long Way

I was standing in line today at the grocery store during lunch time with my dinner items ready to be purchased. During this time, many people from the nearby area are on their lunch break and if you know anything about lunch breaks, you know they are way too short. And the last thing you want to do is wait on line for most of it.

So I looked behind me and I noticed this young lady with her lunch salad. I told her she could go infront of me. She asked me if I was sure. I told her that she’s on her lunch break and that she can go first. She thanked me somewhat surprised someone would let her go first. But I remember going out for lunch (when I didn’t pack one) and knowing how much time I wasted just ordering and then waiting on line. By the time I got back to my building I only had 15 to 20 minutes to scarf down my food. And that is not anyway to enjoy your lunch or your time consuming your food.

I know it wasn’t anything big and it surely wasn’t a big deal for me but I know as a working person (or non) with limited time on my hands, a few minutes can make all the difference. I am hoping she got to enjoy her lunch and then maybe had a few extra minutes doing whatever she had to do before she started back up at work.

So, if you could ever help anyone out, even if you think it’s a small deed, do it. It doesn’t hurt you and it sure can help someone else out. – Peace and Love

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