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Short Women, Long Skirts?

Being under 5 feet, I have felt a pull towards short skirts because it makes me appear taller, even if it is one or two inches taller. I’ll take an inch or even a millimeter at this point. However, I can’t always appear like I am heading to the club all the time so I finally caved by purchasing a long skirt, in a petite size of course.

I have always had a disdain for long skirts and dresses because I have always felt frumpy and over-consumed by them. It felt like I was playing dress in my imaginary older sister’s closet who was 5 inches taller and a few pounds heavier than me. The tricks, I have learned is wearing the skirts high waisted and mid calf length. I didn’t appear as short and I didn’t look like I was drowning in my clothes.

With 01/12/20 being another exceptional warm day in NYC, I decided to finally wear my skirt I had purchased from

Top (size 0) and Bottom (size 0): $10 – $20 for each piece, Boots: Freebird by Steven $325, Jacket XXS(P), Necklace Sale $10, Jeans Size 2 Short, Puma Sneakers.

The first two photos are from my brunch outing with my family. The third photo is for a playdate. Yes I wear crop tops and I don’t give a hoot. I have abs of steel and I do not shy away from showing them off. Never stop being who you are because some people want too say you shouldn’t wear something because of “what the fuck ever”. – Peace and Love

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