Being Magnetic, Love Letters (Poetry), Poetry

Love Letter #128

You were in deep deep disguise

Acting like you were some Prince

but you just were the Big Bad Wolf

ready to eat me alive.

You said all the right things

and you gave me plenty of attention

but none of those things were filled with

sincere affection.

All you wanted to do was get into my pants

when I was vulnerable you would prance

up beside my chats and dm

like you were some suave Puerto Rican

but you were just a slicker

a poor petty trickster

you thought I was naive and couldn’t see who you were

I knew

I just pretended like I didn’t know better

I was waiting for you to fess up and tell me the truth

but you thought I was the same girl from your youth

I knew what you were selling was a switch and bait

and that you’re still the dumb fuck that I used to once date

I finally cut you off with the swiftness of my sword

your smooth lines were soon ignored

I knew I deserved better

than a dirty used car salesman

So I packed my bags and ran away

as quickly as I could

knowing full well I would

make my dreams come true

when I was finally rid of you.

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