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Wannabe Fashionista Mom

Growing up with not a lot of money, I was always interested in mixing and matching items that I had found from the nearby Goodwill. But it was still difficult to find what I liked in my size due to my petite stature (my extra petite self). Being under 5 feet, I had many people suggest I shop in the children’s department and while they were all well meaning it was pretty insulting to say the least. So I had to sacrifice fashion and style due to my size? And then succumb to shapeless wear that were targeted towards adolescents? I think not.

Thank goodness that fashion companies have come along way in regards to fashionably stylish designs for petite frames. However, we do have some ways to go to meet equitable standards for ALL sizes. Even with today’s fashion brands I still find it incredibly difficult to find clothes that fit me and actually find appealing for my body frame. Finding work wear that was suitable to my fashion senses and my frame was frustrating and now since becoming a mom, my sense of style has thrown me for a loop.

I began to explore what was appropriate and what wasn’t for a mom. How did moms dress? What was fashionable in their eyes? While scrolling through numerous fashion blogs, I wasn’t at all impressed with the “mom” look, not even the slightest. I was more intrigued by the single, young bloggers with their five inch heels and runway looks. But were they attainable? But most importantly, were they comfortable?

I envy the moms that can still strut their 5 inch stilettos pushing their baby carriages but that wasn’t me nor was the typical “mom” look with their Uggs and comfy sweaters. (I only use quotations because I am generalizing and not criticizing.)

I want to still look like “me” but not too over done and/or not look like a “mom” (and you all know what that look is so don’t even fuckin give me an attitude about it, lol). I want to be fashion conscious but not to the point that I looked uncomfortable or unattainable. So here is my first blog post on my outfit that I wore yesterday (01/11/20) for my mom’s 60th birthday brunch:

Top (size 0) and Bottom (size 0): $10 – $12 for each piece, Boots: Freebird by Steven $325, Military Ralph Lauren Jacket $50 (size XS).

Yesterday was exceptionally warm for NYC weather so I wanted to wear a skirt but I get cold easily so combining it with a light medium jacket made it perfect for the weather. The shoes are pretty hard leather so I suggest you insert foot soles into them and wear them around a bit to help break them in. This was the second time I wore these since receiving them for Christmas 2018 (lol).

If you enjoy my “mom” attainable style, please continue following me because I will try to post some more fashion posts since I do enjoy dressing up, when you know, I feel like it lol.

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