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Hair Review: Lime Crime Full Coverage Hair Dye

I dyed my hair in August 2019 a nice vibrant purple at a hair salon in the city. I was elated because I finally took the plunge and did something so out of the ordinary. It felt like I had emerged out of my shell and felt freedom for the first time. I know it’s just “hair” but to me my hair represents so much about myself. It represents confidence, self awareness, and bravery. I felt alive strutting a new color but I also felt very self conscious because well, it was purple lol. As I finally grew into my color and felt more comfortable with myself, I know that I needed to maintain my color and eventually experiment with other colors.

A friend of mine recommended “Lime Crime” and I quickly searched through their selections of colors. I loved their products right away and I felt like I was being transported to being 20 years old again due to the vibrancy of their selection of hair colors, makeup and accessories. Since my hair was purple at the time, I purchased the “pony” full coverage hair dye.


  • 100% vegan and cruelty-free
  • Full coverage semi-permanent hair color
  • Cost: $16.00 for 6.76 fluid ounce jar or about $2.37 per fluid ounce.
  • 1 jar will cover bob length hair.
  • 2 – 3 jars will cover below shoulder length hair to waist length.
  • 3+ jars will cover tailbone or longer hair length.
  • I only used one jar and I didn’t use all of it. I was generous but not to the point of being wasteful. I was able to use the jar at least 4 times before I had to purchase another and I would re-dye it once a week.
  • Used gloves to dye hair with high stain level
  • Took 2 hours to have color set in. Jar directions indicated 1 to 2 hours but since my hair is a darker color, it took the two hours.
  • Had to wash with cold to luke warm water. This can be frustrating if you like warm/hot showers, lol.
  • Water will not run clear unless you wash it a few times after.
  • Can cause acne: I realized that my acne was flaring up whenever my hair was in my face. The next day I would break out on the sides of my face and my chin. So, if your skin is sensitive, you may have a high chance of breaking out. I have been more aware of where my hair falls on my face and the acne has slowly decreased.


  • Love the vibrant colors but unfortunately my hair is pretty dark and the color is not as it appears exactly on the box. However, it doesn’t make me like the color any less
  • The two hours is a long time to keep in my hair but I tend to do that right away when I come home. After, I use a shower curtain on top of my head so I do not stain any surfaces while I cook.
  • The washing out process can take a while. One minute you may think you’ve rinsed really well and then you turn your head slightly and you notice more color rinsing out.
  • I do not recommend using any other products when rinsing out the color dye due to the conditioning formula in the dye.
  • Left my hair soft and silky with no damage.
  • I recolor my hair once a week and wash every two days . So far, the color has maintained itself on my hair.
  • Shipping takes awhile: 2 – 3 weeks.
  • Hardly any sales.

Would I buy again? I am pretty happy with Lime Crime but you need to order before your dye runs out. Plus, one jar is pretty expensive and I wish they had more discount codes available. If they did, I would order more often.

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