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Your Child Can Give You Good Advice In Return

There are times when I am super surprised by my little one that it takes my breathe away and reaffirms that I am doing a good job as a parent. Because as any parent understands, it can be very difficult raising a child and seeing if you’re doing a good job or not.

I’ve been going through a major change in my life and have been feeling totally lost and I was having a conversation about my future with my husband, while tears were streaming down my face. Our daughter came into the bedroom several time, where we were discussing, to show us a picture she had drew. She would quickly disappear once we had commented on her photo.

Later that night, while tucking her into bed, she asked me why I was crying earlier. I knew she had noticed but I didn’t think she would ask me or even remember to ask. I didn’t really know how to respond but I did finally tell her that I felt really lost about what I wanted to do with my life. She told me I could go to a different school to be a teacher and I had to explain to her that teaching didn’t bring me joy anymore. She gave me other numerous suggestions but they were all geared to what she wanted to do and what my husband did for a living, lol. Bless her heart with her trying to help me. In the middle of this I knew I had to capture this moment and how mature she was so I hit the record bottom on my phone to remember this moment forever and to showcase how amazing our children are. Please click on the audio link below.

Click on the audio recording of my daughter giving advice to me.

My mind was blown how such a little person could be so wise beyond her years. I feel at times we give our child the benefit of the doubt and how much they pick up from us and from others, that we tend to dismiss their wisdom. However, they have so much to offer in this world and we can learn a thing or two from them. I thank the Universe (and God) for blessing me with such a great soul.

Please share with me any of your experiences with a child our children in the comments below. I would really love to read about them! – Peace and Love

11 thoughts on “Your Child Can Give You Good Advice In Return”

  1. My children are now in their thirties and are independent. My daughter has a five year old son and two step daughters aged 9 and 11. Now my daughter says to me :” Mom, now I don’t know how you did it.” Then we both laugh.

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  2. Some children are wise beyond their years. Your daughter obviously has amazing emotional intelligence and empathy. There’s a fine line here, though, on making sure we are still the parent, that our wise children do not feel their are responsible for our emotional well-being. Thanks for sharing this,

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    1. Yes of course I agree with your last statement. I have seen parents try to be best friends with their kids and tell them everything and it just backfired on them. My child is well protected in that area but when she asked me that question I was compelled to be honest with her because I think it’s important to show your weaknesses at times so they don’t think you’re always perfect and to always have the need to feel like you have to be perfect. Much love to you ❤️


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