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T.V. Show Review: The Mandalorian

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Before I begin writing about this new show by Jon Favreau, I want to simply state that I never was a huge Star Wars fan, until I met my husband. Actually, throughout our years together I have been following blindly and just liking it because of him, lol. And before I even met him I seriously thought “Space Balls” was part of the Star Wars Saga, lol. Don’t you dare judge me, lol. I really was clueless and well, it was one of my favorites growing up, so there.

Now fast forward thirteen years later, I am finally understanding this whole crazy world of Star Wars fans and die hards. If you’re a die hard fan, please stop reading this because I know you’re just going to judge me, lol. But if you’re like me, gradually coming to terms what a great saga it is, then continue reading.

If you have Disney+, then you probably have already watched this show and if you haven’t, get to it. Before I even watched this I was obsessed with The Child, aka Baby Yoda but watching the show, it made me fall more in love with that adorable creature.

The story follows a Mandalorian, played by Pedro Pascal, who is a bounty hunter and one of his jobs is to capture The Child and give to the Client. The Mandalorian has a change of heart and now is on a mission to save and protect the The Child from the Client. This is due to the Mandalorian being a fondling (child rescued from War by the Mandalorians) himself and he connects with The Child in that regards. He realizes he had made a mistake in bringing The Child to the Client but redeems himself when he rescues The Child.

The Mandalorian lives in all of us. He has lived a past life that continues to help him along his path (whether good or bad, in this case good) in making future decisions. Our upbringing plays an important role in our lives in helping us become who we truly are: masters of our past or the creator of our destiny. Do we allow our past to control us and hold us back? Or do we use our past to learn from our mistakes and better ourselves? That is all up to us and it is only us that can make our destiny.

Let our past not define us, but help us see what is right and wrong, so we can make better choices in life. Allow our pasts to help us see where we can do better and how we can do better. Let us use our challenges from our past to teach us to be better individuals for others, but particularly ourselves.

I hope this year will be bigger and brighter for all of you. May we all learn and grow from our past mistakes. – Peace and Love

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