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Bullying is an Issue because of Adults

Scrolling through social media the day after New Years Eve, I happened upon a photo of Meg The Stallion with the Carters (you know THE Beyonce and Jay-Z with their daughter Blue Ivy). I thought it was pretty amazing how Meg has blown up and how she has made friends with an elite duo. Thinking nothing of it really, I continued to scroll to examine other photos by other people I follow.

But today, while on Facebook, I stumbled upon an article showcasing the strength and power of the Black community in support of Blue Ivy. Once again, two adults from a media company had the audacity to attack Blue Ivy and Black women in general for the way they looked. Seriously people? Of all the things to talk about and discuss we have to constantly criticize and attack this innocent child on the way you think she looks? You have to share your opinion to the whole stage about her bone structure and how unattractive you think she is? You have to downplay her looks by comparing them to her mother’s looks? I can just imagine her opening up her tablet or phone (very soon, if not already) and reading all of this. How would she react? How would she respond? How would she feel about herself?

The problem with bullying isn’t coming from children, it’s because of the ADULTS that surround our children. It is them that are setting an example of how to act and treat other people. It is them that are causing our children to feel less than human and it is them that perpetrate this never ending cycle of abuse. It is them who have never dealt with their own issues of self worth and then have the audacity to judge others while their children are around (or not).

Children are impressionable and they are like sponges. They see and hear everything you do and say. When will adults understand this? I love it when I hear parents say, “I didn’t think they noticed.” Really? Don’t you remember perking up your ears when you were young? Didn’t you feel the tension in the household? Didn’t you hear and see everything your parents did? Didn’t you pick up some good and bad habits along the way?

As adults we really need to do better. And that begins by not talking about a child in a negative way. I can just picture Blue Ivy as an adult and her continuously questioning her looks and believing how everyone else’s views of her are more important than her own (regardless of how rich and famous her parents are). She’ll grow up always questioning if she’s good enough and she’ll grow up doubting her worth because of the adults in our society.

We need to do better if we want to create a better world and that starts with us. We are the problem but we are also the solution. Keep some of your opinions to yourself; not everything has to be shared, particularly when you are attacking an innocent child. Set a better example for the youths and heal your past traumas before you pass them down onto impressionable children. Okay that’s enough of my venting, lol. – Peace and Love

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