Being Magnetic, Quick Thought Sessions

Quick Thought Session #39: You can choose to get “upset” or you can choose to “be chill”.

Life can throw you so many curb balls, some good and some not so good. Of course, when things are good you’re happy and you’re appreciative. But when things aren’t so good, you become defensive, angry, frustrated, etc. You feel the whole world is coming down on you and your first reaction is to complain how shitty everything is going.

I advise you to stop and breathe. Things will happen, whether good or bad, but how you respond to it really helps you put things into perspective. You can choose to allow a situation to get the best of you or you could allow a situation to bring out the best in you. Which one do you think would benefit you more in the long run? Definitely the latter.

Allowing a situation to bring out the best in you will help you control a situation for the better. You are not allowing the situation to control you or your emotions but you can either to decide to brush it off by focusing on what is going right. I noticed that when a day may start off on the wrong foot, if your mentality is “shit here goes my day”, more than likely it’ll be a shitty day. But if you say “oh well” and keep it moving, more than likely your day will get better.

You have to determine if feeling upset is really good for you or not. If you decide that it’s better to take things in stride, then you’ll actually get to enjoy your life a lot more and become much more appreciative of everything coming your way. Trust that the Universe is teaching you patience and teaching you how to use your emotions to get whatever it is your vibration is leading you to. Learn to channel your energy for you, in a good way! – Peace and Love.

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