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Skin Beauty: Cucumbers

Cucumbers have become by best friend in the past week. Dramatic changed in my face has been made and I am in total shock. I should have known to use natural, easy to use food to help combat my skin, but as life would have it I have taken the easier route in just buying some formulated over-priced skin product on Amazon.

In the last week, I have reduced my inflammation on my skin, my acne scars have decreased and my peeling skin has soothed. Plus, my skin is glowing to the point that I can’t help stop staring at myself in the mirror (hi me!).

Cucumbers have been used for centuries and they packed with nutrients for inside your body as well as outside of your body. Cucumbers contain high amounts of Vitamin C and caffeic acid. Both are used to reduce inflamed or irritated skin. Plus, they are high in water content, making your skin feel more hydrated.

I kept my routine pretty simple because I really didn’t want to dilute the power of the cucumber and I honestly did not want to add any other ingredients that could affect my skin in a negative way.


  1. Slice cucumbers to the point that they are translucent. You do not need thick slices at all or you will be wasting a lot of cucumbers. Plus, they will slide off your face if you cut them too thick; when they are thin they remain on your face when your sitting at a 45 degree angle.
  2. Wash your face using your regular skin care routine but do not apply anything else after your face has been cleansed.
  3. Leave on your face on desired area for 15 minutes or more if you have time. I usually do this twice a day; one in the morning and another time in the evening.
  4. I do NOT wash my face after. You can if you want but I kept mine on because it did not harm my skin. For your first time, I suggest you rinse off your face just in case of any adverse reactions.
  5. Apply regular skin care routine.
One Large Organic Cucumber

Cucumber Juice Drink

  • One large organic cucumber; cost $1.99.
  • Peel the cucumber or keep on. If you peel, keep the skin to use as a direct mask on your face. The skin contains Vitamin K, which helps with wounds and scars.
  • Chop up the cucumber.
  • Place in blender along with 1 to 2 tsp of honey (to help sweeten the taste) until smooth.
  • One large cucumber makes 1 cup and a half of cucumber juice.
  • drink and enjoy!
Nice Tall Glass of Nutrients (with skin)

Cucumber Face Spray

  • Before you add the honey, take half a cup of the blended cucumber and strain into a spray bottle. Make sure all the pulp is out of the juice before you add into the container.
  • Place in refrigerator up to 5 days
  • Spray generously on the face whenever you need to feel refreshed. It helps your skin stay hydrated and glowing throughout the day.

Remember to test out everything before you commit to your face. What works for one person, may not always work for another. I am happy to say, that these have been working for me. I will hopefully be brave enough to post a photo of my self in the near future! – Peace and Love

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