Being Magnetic, Quick Thought Sessions

Quick Thought Session 38: Learn to Focus on Success Instead of Struggle

Many of us have come from a background of “struggle, struggle, struggle” and we have tried every day to desperately break through from this mindset. When we are doing so well, we revert back to our comfort mentality and when we fail, we blame our upbringing. Imagine if we stopped this “struggle” mentality and focus on success. So much more could be happening in our lives and then we will begin to see all the good shit falling from the sky.

When we focus on success, instead of struggle, we channel our energy into some thing great; we become aligned with our vibrational force of good. Instead of the vibrational wavelength of negativity, we begin to see that anything is possible. And guess what? Good shit starts happening for you. All the appreciation that you are feeling is bringing more appreciation towards you. Your uplifted energy has created such a force within you and outside of you, that the “struggle” you used to feel is very minimal. Of course, it’ll poke it’s head out here and there but focusing on success will bring you so much more closer to where you want to be.

Change your mindset from one of “struggle” to one of “success” and you’ll eventually see that life is much more enjoyable and you’ll begin to receive so much more than you have ever wanted. – Peace and Love

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