Being Magnetic, Quick Thought Sessions

Quick Thought Session 36: Your Worth Is Not Defined By How Someone Treats You

When we are by ourselves we are usually filled with unbreakable confidence that does not allow any negativity to penetrate us. We focus on the things that we want and we focus on making ourselves better without anyone’s negative views interfering with our “glowup”. We are self-assured human beings that know we got it going on.

But then we get into our groups, our conversations, our interactions with other humans. We notice how some treat us great and how others simply do not care for our existence or treat us in a way that we would never want to be treated. We go back and forth in our minds between “I’m great” to “I’m worthless” depending on who we are around and our vibe continuously fluctuates all day long.

If we focus on our inner being, meaning how we view ourselves, we can build up a confidence level that will not be affected by those around us. We can sustain our high vibrational level if we learn to perceive other views/actions of us as just “unwanted noise” and just turn down the volume. This mindset does take time but it begins with you being aware of how others affect your self-worth. Your self-worth never should be defined by anyone but yourself. Working on yourself is a daily process that involves reflection and some form of meditation. Take at least 15 minutes a day to self-reflect and meditate. Eventually you’ll be able to shut off the “unwanted noise” of everyone else and learn that your worth is not dependent on anyone else besides yourself. And yourself will eventually understand that your worth is unlimited. – Peace and Love

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