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Children’s Book Review: Sofia Valdez, Future Prez

My daughter has read the other books written by the author Andrea Beaty and illustrated by David Roberts: a) Iggy Peck, Architect, b) Rosie Revere, Engineer, and c) Ada Twist, Scientist. All of them were a big hit and all of them are in our collection. The latest book to become part of bookshelf and read periodically is Sofia Valdez, Future Prez.

Andrea Beaty’s books always have strong leads who are leaders in some way, using their own uniqueness to navigate their lives. In this book, we are introduced to Sofia who loves doing things with her grandfather (abuelo). She brings food to the elderly, she’ll rake leaves, and help around her neighborhood alongside her favorite person, her grandfather. One day he is injured in a landfill after her dog chases a squirrel into the local landfill.

Sofia immediately thinks this is a problem and sets out to get rid of the landfill by building a new park in its place. She soon realizes that everyone believes in her vision and that she must visit City Hall to actually make this happen. The people in City Hall has other ideas and doesn’t believe in her plans because she is only a child. She proves them wrong by getting signatures from the townspeople and low and behold, her park is created with the help of her family and her friends.

This book is such a great sibling to the other books in the series. I particularly like this one because the main character is Hispanic. My daughter is half Puerto Rican and I love that she is able to see someone who looks like her in a book. Not only is she a person of color, but she’s also a positive leader. Does it get any better than this? With tenacity and a clear vision, it teaches our children that they can accomplish anything regardless of age and ethnicity. I love that it encourages readers to explore their ideas, regardless of how others view them and how they can overcome their own sense of self doubt.

I highly recommend purchasing this book, alongside the other books by Andrea Beaty. Her characters are all unique and strong in their way and their journey are all inspiring for young readers and adults alike. And who doesn’t want to be inspired?

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