Being Magnetic, Love Letters (Poetry), Poetry

Love Letter #82

Oh you Leo Man

You’re the King of the Jungle

Nah the African Prince that’s for sure

rocking that swagger and confidence

Many women at your beck and call

wanting to sit beside you on your throne

but you’re a Lion, ready to roam

the African plains for the perfect Lioness

someone who’s slick and just as juicy

ready to rock the runway strutting Gucci

I can be your Michelle and You can be Barack

I could be your steady Betty rock

luxurious, charming and enticing

jewels, diamond filled with icing

stubborn to the core

and think you’re always right 

that’s for sure

I want to love you forever

past the end of the night

oh you Leo man

I just want to hold your hand

while we step onto the spotlight 

our future is destined 

if you’re ready to share the limelight  

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