Being Magnetic, Love Letters (Poetry), Poetry

Love Letter #81

I never loved a Cancer boy

but I know how they turn off and on

like a switch of a light

going from vicious moodiness

to overshadowing bright

they are ambitious with their compassion

but will argue their point 

until there is a clash in

butting heads with people who think differently

than them

will get their way until everyone gives in

but you’re loyal and into your family

loving every one of them to the T.

They will stand up for you and be overly


defending you against other’s perspective.

You’re the most tender lover that I never had

but I must tread lightly before I get you mad

I don’t know if I will get Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde

but if I listen closely and open up

you could be my closest confident 

and I’ll hopefully become the girl

you’ll always want.

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