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Movie Review: Frozen 2

When “Frozen” came out in 2013, it was a huge hit for Disney and the toys were being thrust upon us in every direction. Thank God I had missed this time of “Frozen Fever”, or so I thought. Fast forward to 2014 when my daughter was born and to the year of 2017 where she could actually sit in front of the television and watch a whole full movie without being fidgety. With this new experience, alll the glory of the “Frozen” enterprise came crashing at my door with constant singing of “Let it Go” every other day and wanting every damn toy imaginable. I am surprised that I don’t know every single line from the movie by now after watching it so many times.

And then “Frozen 2” trailers seeped onto my television screen and the crazy hysterical from my daughter about going to see the movie begins. Of course we had to get tickets and we picked a school day because well, it’ll be empty and I didn’t have to hear from other children talking during the movie, lol.

I am not going to get too deep into the movie or give away any spoilers but I actually enjoyed “Frozen 2”. Anna and Elsa’s characters have grown and they have gotten more mature. Elsa is still hesitant about allowing Anna to assist her in her quest but she is learning that she needs to allow others to help her. Don’t we all? Anna is the most logical one when it comes to team work and her strong bond with her sister and of course with her help, saves the day. The premise of the story is pretty predictable and the songs aren’t as catchy as the first but I do appreciate the old school vibe of some of the songs, particularly Sven’s song about Anna. It had a very Queen (the band) vive to it and it made me laugh.

Overall the movie was enjoyable, and the characters have definitely matured since the original movie. My daughter was able to sit through the entire movie without moving around too much and she enjoyed the songs that accompanied it. I do recommend this movie but go on a day and time that might not be too jammed packed!

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