Being Magnetic, Love Letters (Poetry), Poetry

Love Letter #71

I still remember her name

a bitter taste in my mouth

made my life a fuckin horrible mess

fucked up with my life and made me stress

kissed the boy that I liked

thrashing and tangled in a fight

spreading rumors about me 

telling everyone I was a slut

I wanted to punch you to shut you up

you made my life a living fuckin hell

you made me crawl inside this hallow shell

determining who I was in everyone’s eyes

I sat alone in the bathroom 

while they all believed your lies

I still hate you

you fuckin bitch

everyone sees you as this beautiful girl

I just see you as wicked witch

who tried to ruin my life and tear me apart

I set my sight for the sights of New York

ready to go and get a fresh start

forget all about you and your wicked evil ways

but why do you keep creeping up on me every single day?

The “Love Letters” Series will be a collection of poetry written for and about love. Please comments below if you’re enjoying my thoughts and words. Some of these poems can be read as “Spoken Word” or a “Rap Song” or with a “Taylor Swift” angst, lol. – Peace and Love

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