Being Magnetic, Love Letters (Poetry), Poetry

Love Letter #70

No one ever saw me for me 

swimming in the East Coast burning sea

when I was living in a nightmare in a small town

barely surviving the waves, crashing all around

sucking in air in my over sized clothes 

such as the beast watching his last rose

wishing someone could come and rescue me

but treating me as a useless debris

getting spat on and kicked with no apology

wishing the end was near every single day

not liking my small town mind

wishing to run away or killing myself

every other day 

I was barely living only surviving

wishing I was somewhere happy and thriving

then living a life that wasn’t worth living

to this day, these acts can not be forgiven

I breathe in their words and their psychotic minds

I wish I could get over them but they weren’t so kind 

Now I am just an adult playing the same song on rewind

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