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Love Letter #66

I was older by then and I just didn’t know how it was going to be done

I was out partying late at night and having loads of fun

kissing random strangers well into the night

while waiting impatiently for my shining knight

I finally met him in a dark warm lit club

he took my hand and caressed my skin

telling me beautiful things and me letting it all sink in

he was sexy as all hell could be

he told me he only wanted to be with me

I believed in him and his venomous lies

he was a nasty person in deep sweet disguise

we spoke for awhile before I let him have it

we skipped all the wining and dining and the bullshit

it felt uncomfortable, painful to be exact

I felt my body being fully attacked

when it was all over I lay down beside him

he kissed me and caressed me

I was supposed to feel good but felt dread instead

here I was lying with a supposed lover in my bed

hardly knew him but loved him so

but before he had to go

his beeper went off saying “I love you”

what a fool I was to lose my body to you

when you had another side chick boo

who supposedly loved you too

but at least I had done the deed

I had to, had to concede

to finally have it done and ready to move on with my life

but I didn’t know that this one decision

would impact me for the rest of my life

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