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Always Be You

Whenever I watch movies, whether it be a comedy or action film, I tend to walk away from it with a lesson learned. Behind every movie there are hidden messages that we can all relate with and today’s movie is no different: Dora and the Lost City of Gold.

Obviously this wasn’t my selection choice, but one that was made by my daughter. Not growing up watching the cartoon herself, she nevertheless found the movie interesting and had a strong desire to watch it. And like any good parent, I obliged her request.

I don’t want to give away any spoilers here but Dora is a good natured kid who exhibits such an enthusiastic look on life. She’s highly intelligent and somewhat naive about how the world works (with people in it) but that is what makes her so enchanting. Her outlook on life is so radiant and filled with positivity that it can be nauseating for people who are filled with bitterness, sadness or a negative view on life. But this radiancy is what makes her so special and what kept me mesmerized by her presence throughout the film.

Throughout the movie, people around her kept asking her to change for her to “fit in”, particularly her cousin Diego. He insisted that she stopped being “weird” and learn to just be “normal” because “high school is hard enough as it is”. Dora just wants to be herself and normal to her is being true to who she is. There are times in the movie where she does question herself about how she appears to others but eventually overcomes these self doubts about herself and thus resorts back to what is best for her: being who she is.

At a certain point in the film the character Alejandro, becomes so exasperated by her good natured go lucky personality that he actually yells at her to stop being so positive. In her perspective, with any negative situation, she can turn it around by looking it at a different perspective. This annoyed the crap out of Alejandro but Dora just ignores him.

Dora teaches us that there are many people out there who would like us to change to fit their “normal” mode and would like us to view the world through their eyes. There are also people out there that will call us “weird” for being different and will bully us to the point of questioning who we are. There are also people out there that might be filled with so much negative energy that they can never understand your positive mindset and will ask you to gain their negative perspective.

But you can not change. You can not allow people, circumstances and events in your life to alter your state of mind and the core sense of who you are. There will be many people who will try to knock you down and change who you are because of something INSIDE of THEM. There will be people who will question your authenticity and your positive outlook on life but it’s a REFLECTION of THEM and their own struggles with self.

Dora stayed true to herself in the film and she never altered who she was as a person. She might have questioned it from time to time, but in the end she was self aware and self assured and then she helped others become better versions of THEMSELVES. She affected their negative outlook and assisted them in seeing that there was more to life than “fitting in” and being “competitive”. She allowed them to see that we are all special in our own way and each and every one of us has assets that the world needs.

So live a little like Dora everyday. Be “weird”, be positive, but always be YOU and never change your positive outlook on life for anyone. – Peace and Love

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