Being Magnetic, Quick Thought Sessions

Quick Thought Session 33: When “Stuff” Doesn’t Measure Our Love

We all want the best for our children and we strive to give them the tools (and the stuff) that we may have lacked when we were children. We overcompensate by doing everything and anything for them without thinking about the limitations that we may need to set forth to become adults that can do this “adulting” thing with ease. But sometimes, when we give them too many things and not enough of our time, the stuff lies around and then we are left with less time.

Time is such a valuable concept that children and adults crave. Time to spend with loved ones, time to reconnect with people, time to read a book, time to relax, time to enjoy the pleasures of life. We must learn to give our children more of our time and less of our “stuff” in order to help them understand how valuable they are to us. I know, with our busy lives and the demanding nature of wanting to do everything that costs money, it becomes very difficult. However, I do feel that carving out an activity (or activities) to do every day, whether for a short period or a long period of time, will go a long way.

We are going to be raising adults who value who they are and who will value other people and their time. They will learn not to equate “love” with “stuff” and understand that Love means giving someone their attention. We can never overcompensate for that and that is what true parenting really means to me. – Peace and Love

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