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Skin Review: Acne Pimple Patch

You would think acne would end when you’re pass the puberty years, but apparently life loves to play cruel jokes on us. I guess that is why the acne industry is such a big boom because apparently over 90% of the world’s population suffer from this ghastly imperfection plaguing our faces and bodies on a daily basis.

Since acne has been my best friend since I have remembered, I wanted to find solutions for myself and for others. Today I will review one of the latest craze: Pimple Patches, particularly the Sakura Skin Professional brand.

Sakura Skin Professional Brand Acne Pimple Patch with Natural Drug Free Hydrocolloid Formula

  • Cost: $6.75 for 72 Patches; about $00.10 per patch
  • 2 different size Patches; 1 patch 12 millimeters in size (24 patches) and the other patch is 9 millimeters (48 patches) in size in terms to diameter.
  • Patches are slightly thicker than other acne patches that I have used (will review the other patch at a later time).
  • Hydrocolloid formula is used. Hydrocolloid is a gel used to create moisture allowing the gel to drain the pimple that you have covered the patch with.
  • Ranked a 4.6 out of 5 on the Amazon reviews out of 373 reviews.

Did this work for me? Sadly, it did not. If you’re trying to target a large stubborn pimple, I suggest something stronger. If you’re trying to target a pimple that is super small and just need an added push to get rid of, the patch would work. With it only being $00.10 per patch, I say give it a trial but only order one box before you end up wasting a lot of money. Happy pimple popping! – Peace and Love

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