Being Magnetic, Quick Thought Sessions

Quick Thought Session 32: Believe in Yourself Even When Things Become Difficult

There are times when the light is shining so brightly on you that you can absorb all the Vitamin C and become super confident. You feel energized and charged with a magnetism to get things moving. You are radiating with an invisible force that propels you to start something that you never thought you could or would before.

But then you hit a roadblock and you start to doubt if what you had started was really worth it to begin with. Things are not manifesting the way you had envisioned them. Your ducks are not lining up in a row and you feel exhausted, confused, and a strong desire to give up.

I have been there. Hell, I am there right now. I feel like sometimes what I am doing isn’t worth all the effort and that no one will even see the light of day of this blog (thank you to the ones that do) and I feel like giving up. But I also know that deep in side of me that I am seeking out my life’s purpose. This is what drives me everyday to sit at my computer and write. I just write and whatever flows, flows. I have to learn to accept that things take time and what I want to manifest will eventually come, but it may not be the way that I have planned.

My advice to you, take that feeling that you have in the pit of your stomach and use it to keep going. You know in your heart and in the back of your mind, that whatever you want, will come true. You just can’t give up. Doubting yourself is normal and doubt will always be there, however, you must learn to push doubt aside and fight for what you want. There will be times, when you will quit. Take those times to reset, relax, meditate, and reevaluate your game plan. Once you take these mini-breaks of self doubt and reassess what you want and how you’re going to get it, the journey will become a bit easier everyday. You got this booboo!

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