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Skin Review: Sio Beauty Eye and Smile Lift Anti-Wrinkle Patches

I always take a photo of the product to prove my purchase of it.

Have you ever researched something on your phone and then you literally see the ad pop up in Instagram or Facebook on your newsfeed? I know you have experienced this multiple times and I bet it has creeped you out. Even worse is when you’re literally talking about it and then the advertisement literally shows up on your feed a few minutes later. Maybe it’s time to get off social media. Or maybe it’s time to accept that social media is just another advertising platform in trying to get you to spend money you do not have based on your insecurities.

One of my areas that I have been focusing as of late has been my laugh lines. I haven’t accepted that they are hereditary and after many years of laughing with my friends and smiling due to happiness, they have developed over time. And they have become my latest obsession, unfortunately. I literally need to get over it and just accept who I am but the need for youthful looking skin has created a monster that is throwing money down the drain.

One such product that has been eating up my feed is the “Sio Beauty Eye and Smile Lift Anti-Wrinkle Patches“:

  • 4 patches that cost $29.95, that are supposedly will last 15 uses per patch.
  • 1 patch will cost you approximately $7.49
  • With 15 uses, each patch will cost around $00.50 or $2 for the 4 patches per use
  • Face must be clean with no moisturizer or any products
  • Easy to apply on face
  • Suggested usage at night when going to bed
  • Wash with warm soap and water to clean
  • Air dry completely
  • Made from Silicone


  • Smoothes out area
  • Short lived smooth surface
  • After an hour, wrinkle will resurface
  • Leaves your face nice and soft
  • Does not stay in place on your face while sleeping
  • Did not last more than 4 uses
  • Do not recommend


  • I sleep on my side and I have tried to sleep on my back but my body is just programmed to fall asleep in this way. I think this doesn’t help and would probably work best with a back sleeper.
  • Since I couldn’t wear any moisturizer on my face, the other areas that were not covered by the patches became really dried and cracked. So instead of decreasing wrinkles, I might have inherently added more.
  • Also, the patches are supposed to last 15 uses each, but they do not. I followed the steps to a T and they were not able to stick after the 4th night.
  • With the money I spent, I figured it would last as indicated, but it didn’t. There aren’t many reviews regarding this product and the ones that are there, have the same issues that I had.
  • I would definitely not use this brand due to the reasons mentioned.

If you feel you can’t live without giving it a try, by all means try it. I hope you have a better success rate with this than I did. Be happy getting wrinkle free! – Peace and Love

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