Being Magnetic, Love Letters (Poetry), Poetry

Love Letter #48

Oh Taurus boy

playing me like a toy

of cat and mouse

catching feelings then running away

so you can heal your wounds but wanting to stay

always wanting to upgrade your latest model

to a younger more sustainable type

but you not keeping yourself up to the hype

loving to eat and everything food

always wanting someone ready for your mood

the twinkle in your eyes when you give me that Taurus stare

but you never make your feelings aware

your lines are so smooth and your smile so bright

all you want to do is keep me in your reigns nice and tight

then run off when you get a little uncomfortable

making me question if I am unlovable

oh Taurus boy

when are you going to stop and stay

instead of making me question if I should go away

The “Love Letters” Series will be a collection of poetry written for and about love. Please comment below if you’re enjoying my thoughts and words. Some of these poems can be read as “Spoken Word” or a “Rap Song” or with a “Taylor Swift” angst, lol. – Peace and Love

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