Being Magnetic, Quick Thought Sessions

Quick Thought Session 30: Do not allow the idealistic views of others and yourself to dictate your self worth

It’s easy to get trapped into the systematic cycle of comparing yourself to others, especially when you see advertisements and commercials about being a certain size, color and age. We all want to reach a certain level of acceptability but then we start to compare ourselves to others and thus, tear our individual self down.

Our society, particularly the marketing industry and our own ideals of beauty, consistently perpetuate a certain standard that we must meet, depending on what decade we are working with. One minute, waif like figures are accepted and then the fat shaming starts. The next minute, big butts are in style and the skinny girls are made not to feel good enough. The next minute we have a need for long lashes and big lips and the ones who do not have them naturally are made to feel less feminine. When will this never ending cycle of not being “good enough” stop?

It stops with us. It stops with us individually first and foremost. We must learn to accept our own bodies and our own little (perfect) imperfections withOUT tearing others down. Body positivity is important but we must not allow our own ideas of self acceptance to dictate how others are viewed by bashing them to make ourselves feel better. Lines such as “well we need a more womanly body” when we see someone thin is unacceptable. The same goes for, “She needs to lose some weight. She’s really unhealthy.” Just because you may not view someone the same standards as yourself or as the ideal standard, does not give you the right to express these words about another. These little comments are small bites that we give to individuals who may already have a complex. These bites can form all over the body, where eventually it covers every surface. Let us stick by raising each other up and accepting that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, color and age. – Peace and Love

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